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Infomineo is a research provider. Our role is to find the data our clients need to take decisions and develop their businesses.

Our global coverage and unique expertise on Africa and the Middle East allow us to develop long-term relationships with leading global consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Created by two BCG and McKinsey consultants, Infomineo brings together consulting methodologies and the best data research techniques.

Business & Investment Research

Infomineo partners with corporate decision makers by providing quick, easy access to premium research services that lead to decision-making and business success. 

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Africa & Middle East Expertise

Our global coverage, regional proximity and use of best practice research methods allow us to support our partners with high-quality data on the MEA region.

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  • MEA Pulse Episode 1

    MEA Pulse Episode 1: Is Iran a Promising Destination for Business?

    A year after the sanctions has been lifted in Iran, the country is once again opened to international business. With its young demographics and growing urban population, Iran has become the center of attention for foreign investments. On this episode of MEA Pulse, we have Adrien Rérolle, the Infomineo Iran country manager as a guest to share his insights on the Iranian economy, the challenges, and opportunities in doing business in Iran.
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  • chinainafrica

    China’s Investment in Africa

    Over the past two decades, China’s robust economic growth and rapidly expanding presence in global markets have greatly intensified its trade ties with sub-Saharan Africa. China’s remarkable 10% average growth rate between 2000 and 2012, has fueled a steadily rising demand for oil, minerals and other primary commodities, many of which are abundant in sub-Saharan Africa.
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  • Human hand on tablet pc and credit card for shopping online

    Mobile Banking and Why it’s Growing in Africa

    Mobile Banking and Why It’s Growing in Africa Mobile banking allows its users to conduct financial transactions through mobile devices […]
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