People At Infomineo

Infomineo wants to be recognized as:

  • A global reference player in the field of outsourced value added business research
  • One of the most desirable employers in each of the countries where it has offices

Human resources are at the heart of our activity, we recruit individuals who are:

  • Engaged: You are ambitious and love to overcome challenges
  • Professional: You keep your commitments and have a strong sense of client service
  • Structured: You treat questions in a methodical way

Your position will depend on your past experience and maturity:

  • You will be assigned to a team – In most cases with only one client to begin with
  • You will be staffed very quickly on your first assignments

You will move up every 2 or 3 years (depending on performance):

  • You will quickly develop expertise in one or two areas: by industry, by region or by topic
  • Depending on your personal interest you can get involved on transverse activities

Permanent training is offered:

  • Welcome training: Basics of working at Infomineo (processes, methodologies, sources, best practices etc.)
  • On the job training by senior staff
  • Language training
  • Weekly training lunch (examples of topics covered: Boolean search, working with the ADB, Eastern Africa, ethical management, financial analysis etc.)


People At Infomineo
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