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Our offer

Infomineo’s Middle-East & Africa Experts services suggests two different types of interviews. A Client might ask for an Industry Expert or a Topic Specialist. The first one refers to senior executives in the public or private sector who possess a very good knowledge of one or several industry/country combinations whereas the latter are Executives with in depth experience in a very specific topic/subject matter.

In line with these two types of interviews, InfoMEA Experts Network can either provide a list of advisors coming from our internal Database or custom-recruit based on our clients specific needs. Moreover and besides organizing phone consultations for its clients, InfoMEA Experts offers to execute interviews for them, assist with translation and provide verbatim transcripts.

It is crucial to note that our efficiency lies in the partner experts that we recruit and choose to connect with our customers. Therefore, in order be considered as a partner and join our Database, every Expert’s profile and background are screened and analysed with scrutiny.

InfoMEA Experts main covered industries are:



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