A near shore provider with a global reach

Thanks to its near-shore capabilities, Infomineo offers unparalleled world coverage, with the ability to dig into country data, through dedicated tools and a team of research professionals.

We benefit from unique capabilities that support our geographical coverage, including:

  • Strategic locations: we serve our clients from our offices in Casablanca – Morocco and Cairo – Egypt and through a professional network in 25+ countries,
  • A multinational team of highly qualified professionals: from 8 different countries and speaking 6 languages – research experts recruited and trained to be the most effective and rigorous,
  • Same time zone as our clients: we can work with the whole world in the same day.

Infomineo covers the whole world and has built a unique edge on the Africa/Middle-East regions.

Infomineo has access to the necessary tools

Infomineo is committed to serving its clients in the best possible way. Therefore, the company has invested in the subscriptions to the main global vendor databases such as:

  • Factiva (Dow Jones & Company): a database of international news containing over 10,000 worldwide full text publications with thousands of sources in 28 languages, and from nearly 200 countries,
  • Orbis (Bureau Van Dijk): a database providing financial reports and accounts for about 80 million listed and unlisted companies around the world,
  • Specialized databases: subscription on an ad hoc basis depending on our clients needs and requests such as: Mintel, Thomson Reuters, Platt’s, IMS, etc.

Our case studies by geographic scope

You will find below some examples of already-executed assignments covering several regions worldwide:

Geographic scope Description
Worldwide Landscaping of the Asset Management market worldwide
Europe, America Building a database of foreign companies prospects
Worldwide Benchmarking and describing the pooling projects of leading banks of Africa
France Mapping and profiling the wine market in France
USA, Europe Benchmarking distribution strategies of key players in the chemicals sector worldwide
Europe Assets, investment trends, and financial data of key actors in asset management industry
Saudi Arabia Detecting and assessing the latest construction projects in Saudi Arabia
USA, Europe Building a map of sourcing and distribution flows of a chemicals company
USA, Mexico, Japan Mapping & describing sourcing channels of an automotive company
France, Spain, USA Benchmarking major construction material retailers in terms of products and services offered
Worldwide Identification of Best Practices in distribution of chemicals
Europe Benchmarking a panel of companies over 16 product segments across Europe


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