Our Methodology


We are research experts; we build on our consulting and business intelligence experience and methodologies to work in the most effective way. We are dedicated to business research and have capabilities, especially for time-consuming tasks like primary research.

Infomineo performs three types of activities:

  1. Secondary research on public sources: Infomineo Analysts navigate on publicly available sources to find, qualify, compile and package data as per our clients needs and instructions.
  2. Secondary research on vendor databases: Infomineo Analysts identify the most relevant databases, compile and package the data.
  3. Primary research: If no secondary data is available, Infomineo Analysts will identify and contact experts, conduct the research (interviews, surveys etc.), compile and package the data– This research can be done remotely (phone, e-mail) or on the ground.

Transparency is our moto:

  • We keep you well informed about your request’s progress and flag any issue as soon as we become aware of it.
  • Our analysis are clear and concise – We value accuracy over volume.
  • We support our findings with full evidence (for ex. Excel model with all calculations made), including all sources used.


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Business Queries: info@infomineo.com

HR Queries: recruiting@infomineo.com

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