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The key challenges when researching about Africa/MENA region:

  • The region is poor in data: The region is seldom covered by global databases (except few countries like RSA, Egypt and Morocco) and few local databases exist
  • The region is complex: With 54 countries in Africa and 16 in the Middle East the degree of complexity is very high
  • Speaking local languages is a must: Few people have a good command of languages beyond their countries’ official language

To guarantee the relevance and accuracy of the research results conducted on the Africa/MENA region one needs:

  • To build one’s own databases and research tools
  • To be able to conduct primary research
  • To have staff that have a deep local cultural background
  • A local presence (same time zone, ability to meet face to face) and an excellent mastering of local languages (mainly English, French and Arabic)

Infomineo has developed region-specific assets:

  • Adapted methodologies: thanks to significant experience in the MEA region and proven primary research capabilities, we have developed unique methodologies to find the right sources and access information
  • The right people: our team is composed of multiple African nationalities, speaking 4 languages as well as some local dialects. Our Analysts are also supported by a research professionals’ network in 17 MEA countries allowing maximum local reach
  • Customized sources: using in-house research tools, proprietary databases and large professionals network across sectors and industries

Customized sources

Research tools: Tools speeding access to data Databases: We build our own databases Professional network for primary research:
  • InfoMEA Press (Factiva- like)
  • InfoMEA Companies (Orbis-like)
  • InfoMEA Countries (economic indicators)
  • InfoMEA TopCos: Top African companies
  • InfoMEA Execs: Leading executives
  • InfoMEA Markets: Market landscaping and sizing
  • Professional network built on 100+ requests/ projects done in the region
  • Direct access to key pan-African organizations (e.g. BAD, IDB, ACBF)



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